V4 Oddity in ruleset

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Fri Oct 11 14:02:04 IST 2002

Resending this because my date was a month off on that machine :/

I have a ruleset for converting HTML to text.  Part of it is below...
The problem is if kris at domain1.org send an HTML email to
himself at domain1.org AND mike at domain1.org (cc), both recipients get a
convert to text email.  If kris at domain1.org sends an HTML email to
kris at domain2.org AND mike at domain1.org, Kris gets the HTML version and
Mike gets the text version.  Did I miss something?

FromTo:         default                 no
FromTo:         kris@*                  no #added just as a test
FromTo:         mike at domain1.org        yes

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