sendmail: File descriptors missing on startup - 4.00.0a10-1

Ant La Porte ant at DVERE.NET
Wed Oct 9 14:25:23 IST 2002

> At 09:06 09/10/2002, you wrote:
>>Over the past few days I have been trying out MailScanner on OpenBSD
>> 3.1 with f-prot and SpamAssassin, nice...
>>I had to make a few minor changes to bin/check_mailscanner to account
>> for OBSD ps and paths.
>>However I've started to get the following in maillog after upgrading
>> from 4.00.0a9
>>sendmail[14719]: File descriptors missing on startup: stdout, stderr;
>> Bad file descriptor
>>This is cropping up as MailScanner hands each message back to sendmail
>> for delivery.
> What happens if you change the definition of Sendmail2 to
>          sendmail >/dev/null 2>&1
> in the mailscanner.conf file?

MailScanner[20323]: Syntax error in line 82, file "sendmail" for sendmail2
does not exist

But after reverting to "Sendmail2 = /usr/sbin/sendmail" and restarting I
haven't seen the error appear again yet. In case I somehow messed
something up while upgrading I'll clear it all out and start a fresh just
to be on the safe side.

Ant La Porte - Dvere Network Services

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