Tagging of messages - wider range of tags?

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Tue Oct 8 08:05:18 IST 2002


We are still running with MailScanner 3.20-7 (but will upgrade "soon").

We can tag spam mail with one tag and virus-carrying mail with a another

I have had a request to be able to use a third tag for mail that has had
a filename attachment removed because it violated our filename rules. At
present this would be tagged as if it carried a virus and this is not

Is this possible with later versions of MailScanner?

The logic behind this request seems sound. Our users are quite happy to
auto-delete all messages tagged as carrying a real virus because it is
almost always junk mail or so mangled after MailScanner to be useless.
However they don't want to autodelete mail with attachments deleted
because of filename rules.

We are an academic site where a lot of important research
papers/data/etc are swapped between academics in the form of e-mail
attachments so users are more concerned about mail that has an
attachment dropped because of the filename rules. Our rules are pretty
aggressive and this catches bona fide mail that the user would want to
know about so that she can ask for it to be re-sent in a more acceptable

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