MRTG Graph

Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Sat Oct 5 19:42:22 IST 2002

> > Has anyone come up with a way to roll logs each hour with MRTG?  What I
> > think would be sooo nice is every hour have a MRTG log of how many
> > spams and virii plotted on a MRTG graph.  Then the next graph down would
> > have 24 hour period or something.
> >
> > Not being a perl expert this is not a good job for me. ;<)
> >
> > Matt
> >
> Hi Matt
> when i understand correctly, that the length (the shortness ;-) of the
> intervall is your concern, i want to say, that i've done it with 5min
> steps a few days ago.
> you can find a first sample here:
> or mail2.gif for best resolution
> im still wondering if i can reproduce it a portable and flexible way or
> how to set up rrdtool-graphics to give usefull impressions (time-period
> covered, resolution, labels of axis, several graphs on 1 gif and so on).
> Tell me, when this is what your're looking for (otherwise i assume that
> the kind of graphic people suspect from MRTG is something completly
> different ;-).

I have MRTG monitoring several t1's.  Green is downstream and a blue line is
upstream.  That works and looks well.  What I would like to do on
Mailscanner is have a green line for total emails, blue for spams and a red
line for virii.  5 minute, 1 hour averages don't care.  I would just like
something that looks like MRTG does monitoring my t1 circuits.  Would give
me a visual indication of how things are working without poking around in
the log files manually.  I already have MRTG installed on my Raq4i so I was
hoping to use that.


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