Installing Mailscanner v4

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Oct 3 16:05:55 IST 2002

At 15:26 03/10/2002, you wrote:
>I have been holding out for the RPM to be released but am tempted to break
>down and install a7 now.  Someone posted directions on how to install it but
>I cannot seem to find them in my mail folder.  Could someone give me the
>jist of it again?

I'm working on the RPMs for V4. Unfortunately RH have made it more
difficult for me with RH8.0, but I will try to get something out by the end
of the weekend at the latest. The end result will be a tarball of RPMs, so
you can do something like
         tar xzf v4.tgz
         cd v4
         rpm -Uvh *rpm
and I will try to get all the dependencies sorted out for you.

RedHat 7 isn't a problem, but RedHat 8.0 is causing some trouble.
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