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Jeff Adams jadams at GATEKEEPER.NO-IP.COM
Sat Nov 30 00:36:08 GMT 2002


Your config looks fine, but my might want to add something to your
mailertable file look like this: esmtp:[] esmtp:[]

Check this info to be sure, but I think the dot in front of your domain
might be ment to translate user at and without the dot
translates user at

Other mailertable tips:
Make sure that you are creating your mailertable file with the proper
database hash and check your logs for any errors.  Be sure that you are
adding this feature to your file, making the
file and installing that one.  Don't try to add the feature to file by hand (I've known people who've tried this).

Oh, and make sure that your relay system ( speaks esmtp.
 Older mail servers like MS Exchange 5.5 don't speak esmtp.

Good luck,

PS: here's a URL that  outlines the steps needed for getting mailertable
to work.  (it's for freebsd, but it worked on my solaris system)

James Pifer wrote:

>Sorry to the list for asking about a definite Sendmail problem, but I've
>posted to Redhat's list and no one there was able to help. I
>successfully tested our configuration using Redhat 8 in my home
>environment, but now I'm having a problem trying to pilot it on a new
>server in production. I can't get Sendmail to forward the mail to the
>mail server specified in the mailertable.
>When a message comes in MailScanner does it's thing, but then Sendmail
>sends the message back through the MX record instead of the server I
>have specified. (Once this server replaces the one at MX record, I would
>then get a mail loop problem: MX record points to itself). Here is what
>I have:
>Redhat 8, Sendmail(8.12.5-7)
>/etc/mail/relay-domains has one line:
>/etc/mail/mailertable has one line:
> esmtp:[]
>/etc/mail/local-host-names has no entries
>I ran "make" while in /etc/mail and it returned me to a prompt so I
>think it ran ok. I restarted Sendmail. The damn thing is still relaying
>the mail to the mail server at the MX record instead of forwarding it
>directly to the server specified in the mailertable.
>Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

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