RBL checks and Spamcop

Dave at ESI dave at ESI.COM.AU
Thu Nov 28 10:36:26 GMT 2002

On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Paul Welsh wrote:

> Is anyone here using SpamCop's blocking list?  If so, is it reasonable to
> assume that I could quarantine all mail that gets into SpamCop's list,
> rather than accepting MailScanner's default of prefixing the Subject with
> {SPAM?}?  If so, it would be helpful to my users and worth donating.

I reject any mail that Spamcop deems unacceptable.  There is nothing
sacred about email whatsoever; it is merely one more medium.

There is always the telephone, fax, courier, letter, eyeball, DX, telex,
pigeon, encrypted broadcast/multicast etc, and that was without even
thinking hard.

Serious question: why the hell is email regarded as being sacred on this
mailing list, and not upon other anti-spam related lists?

I mean, would you entrust your business-critical life-saving ultra-important
missive to someone who will try and pass it on to someone else, who might
in turn think about passing it on to someone else etc?  And all of whom
have had the opportunity to intercept and inspect said message?  No?

What, exactly, is so bloody special about email, that it *must* arrive?

Exasperated, I remain,

-- Dave

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