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Mon Nov 25 21:10:25 GMT 2002

At 21:01 25/11/2002, you wrote:
>What is the preferred way to close down mailscanner?

I have changed this for 4.06 to try and sort this out.
Currently it is a not very good. Running the init script with a "stop"
parameter is best.

>I have a "pkill mailscanner" in the init script which appears to do the
>job but I am accumulating  files /opt/MailScanner/var/MailScanner.XXXXX
>and corresponding directories /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/XXXXX.
>These seem to be left-overs and dont get cleaned up when I restart it.
>This does not look correct ???
>Or maybe I am not starting mailscanner correctly? [I am using the
>check_mailscanner script.]

check_mailscanner (or check_MailScanner) is the best way, apart from using
the init script with "start".

>This is 4.05-3. Must say it looks pretty good so far - these are just
>minor niggles (which I can probably figure out myself ?) but if someone
>else has already figured out what to do I would be grateful.

As i say, 4.06 should be better at this.
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