"too many open files"

Ron Campbell rc at ITSS.NERC.AC.UK
Mon Nov 25 17:02:55 GMT 2002

We had rather more spam than usual over the weekend and mailscanner
had problems keeping up. What stopped it eventually was  "Too many
open files" from MailScanner. This seemed to be down to a large
no of messages in /var/spool/mqueue.in.

I added "/usr/bin/ulimit -Sn 4096" to the start script but that
was not altogether successful. - I had to feed a few hundred mail
messages to mailscanner at a time, until it got the backlog down.

Has anyone else had to do this ?

This is MailScanner 4.05-3 running on Solaris 9.

       Would be grateful for any suggestions ...  Ron

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IT Solutions & Services, NERC.               Phone: 01491 692346
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