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Sun Nov 24 14:01:05 GMT 2002

At 13:28 24/11/2002, you wrote:
>I want all reports sent when mail come from local network and of course with
>my swedish translation.
>I allso want to send certain report to of site ppl if they come from *.se
>The rest I will just send to /dev/null

There are 2 parts to this:
1) What report should be sent to who
2) Who should get a report at all

1) Make each of the report files in MailScanner.conf a *.rules file
instead, containing something along these lines:
From:      /etc/MailScanner/reports/se/foobar.txt
From:           *@*.se          /etc/MailScanner/reports/se/other.txt
FromOrTo:       default         /dev/null

For each one, it will use the file found by the first matching rule.

2) To actually control whether the senders are warned at all, use a ruleset
for the "Warn Senders" switch, that contains something like
From:      yes
FromOrTo:       *@*.se          yes
FromOrTo:       default         no

>Same goes for filetypes, certain domains could send us files and the rest
>or some ppl are allowed to accept *.exe ie. technical workers.

To:             sysadmin1 at
FromOrTo:       default

then allowallfilename.rules.conf could just contain
allow   $       -       -

The filename.rules.conf files "add together" so the result used for 1
message is the filename.rules.conf files that result from all matching
rules, strung together.

The "default" filename.rules.conf file is only used when none of the rules

>Looking at mailscanner.conf lets me switch to rules instead but how to write
>a rule to use different messages?
>Thanks again to Julian and crew  :)

Nick (the other bit of the crew) sends his gratitude :-)
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