Testing content filtering?

James Pifer mailscannerlist at TNJINFL.COM
Fri Nov 22 15:31:29 GMT 2002

My setup is Sendmail with MailScanner using SpamAssassin and f-prot.
SpamAssassin does the content filtering right? I'm trying to test the
server and make sure it's working before throwing it this weekend for a
few hours as a pilot run.

I've tried sending messages with a lot of offensive words in the subject
and body that I won't repeat here, but they all get through without
getting tagged. From the headers MailScanner is looking at it.

Obviously I'm being naive and probably just assuming they should be
getting caught. Can anyone suggest the best way to test this before
trying it in production as our real mail gateway?

Sorry if this is just a really stupid question....


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