Help trying to install MailScanner 4.05-3 on SuSE 7.0

Alberto García Fumero alberto at CIED.RIMED.CU
Thu Nov 21 21:19:32 GMT 2002

I have just downloaded the 4.05-4 and 4.0.5-1 rpm's.
The script complain sabout a missing rpm-build rpm file that is 
not in the 7 SuSE CDs, nor installed. No /usr/src/redhat or /usr/src/RPM tree 
So I am already on first square...:-((
Where is that MailScanner daemon?
The only other solution I envision  is a certainly *clumsy * one:
a) maintain two copies of, one pointing to and the 
other pointing to mqueue.
b) Use the first for the first run of sendmail, and the other for the second 

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Ministerio de Educación
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