Upgrading SpamAssassin (and Perl Modules)

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Nov 20 00:43:05 GMT 2002

I recently did this upgrade myself. It was more-or-less trouble free. I
think I had one extra perl module I needed to add.

One thing to be aware of is that if you've added any subdirectories to
/usr/share/spamassasin  remove them or the install fails. Also be aware
that all of /usr/share/spamassasin/* will be obliterated and the directory
will be rmdir'ed during the upgrade. A new directory with new rules will be

I'm not sure if it uses the same approach to removing the old perl module
files, but it does work if installed over an old version.

You shouldn't need to clean anything out, but be sure to specify the same
PREFIX if you installed it somewhere other than the default.
  (ie: at one point I wound up with two copies on my test box, one in /usr/
and one in /usr/local)

At 04:04 PM 11/19/2002 -0800, Nathan Johanson wrote:
>This may be a little OT, but you guys are so helpful...
>An easy question. If I have already installed the SpamAssasin 2.31 via tar
>ball. And I want to upgrade to version 2.43, is it a simple matter of
>downloading the tar ball, running make, make test, make install, and
>installing over the top of older version? The same goes for updating perl
>modules (it appears to just install over the top, but I'm curious what's
>going on behind the scenes).
>During make install of a new version, does it remove the old files first
>before writing the new ones? Or does it simply overwrite them? And if so,
>is there any danger of leaving older, defunct files behind that could bite
>me in the ass down the road? Should I try to clean out the old version first?
>Thanks in advance!
>Nathan Johanson
>Email: nathan at tcpnetworks.net

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