Calling all translators

Mariano Absatz MailScanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Mon Nov 18 21:01:44 GMT 2002


I wasn't reading the list lately... but browsed thru the subjects and got 
this one... I quickly browsed the 'languages.conf' file and it scares me a 

It has too many too short phrases that I fear you intend to glue together at 
message generation time... the point is that Spanish (and all latin 
languages, including at least French and Italian) have quite a different 
sentence order than English... I'm so worried that the results look like 
those automatic translations you see in the web...

Regretfully I'm stuck with lots of work and couldn't yet put my hands on MS 
(I have a pending ZMailer implementation)... Maybe if you could put the 
complete phrases in context in a comment before the config line, I could be 
more brave in translating... I also hope that Luis Peromarta is still around, 
'cause he did a great job reviewing my previous translation and making it 
much better overall..

El 17 Nov 2002 a las 11:51, Julian Field escribió:

> I have moved all the output strings into a configuration file so they
> can
> be translated into different languages, so MailScanner hopefully doesn't
> output much to a user that has to be in English.
> I have attached the file, and would be grateful if people could
> translate
> it into other languages for me.
> Thanks folks!
> Jules.

Mariano Absatz
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