Working well

James Pifer mailscannerlist at TNJINFL.COM
Mon Nov 18 13:12:34 GMT 2002

With the help of the last two responses I received on my posts
everything appears to be working well. I have this installed on my home
mail server as a testing for possibly using the setup
(MailScanner/SpamAssassin/Sendmail/F-Prot) where I work. It will be much
higher volume, but that doesn't worry me.

If we do try to use this we will forward any message that is marked as
spam to s specific mailbox that will have to be monitored, probably by
our HR department, to make sure all legitimate mail is forwarded to the

One question I still have is, how do you handle a situation where
messages are marked as spam but really aren't? Let's assume it's not
because of DNS Blacklist, but because of content. I can't give an
example since it hasn't happened to me yet, so this is hypathetically
speaking. I assume if it's content that SpamAssassin is what is marking
it as spam.

Are the config files(content filters) for SpamAssasin configurable?
Where would this be done at? If it's not SpamAssassin, what would it be?
If there's a FAQ or Doc I should be looking at let me know.


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