Again: Inline Text Signature and attachment-only mail

Knutzen, Heinz (DZ-SH) Heinz.Knutzen at DZSH.DE
Mon Nov 18 13:08:00 GMT 2002


one month ago I sent this bug report:

> One user received a mail with an empty body and two text/plain attachments.
> Mailscanner inserted the "Inline Text Signature" into the first attachment.
> The user got some trouble from this, because the attachment 
> was used as input for some program which disliked the signature.
> MailScanner uses SignCleanMessage to insert the signature 
> into the first part of a multipart message.
> MailScanner shouldn't insert a signature into an attachment 
> which is marked with
>       Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="something.txt"

When releasing 3.24-1, Julian wrote
  I have also fixed 1 minor bug affecting the warning message added to
  infected messages containing no main message body at all.

This didn't solve the original problem, 
since my problem was with inline signatures,
but Julian fixed inline warnings.

In mailscanner-4.05-3, file, function "SignWarningMessage"
there is a line
  # Won't sign attachments.
    return 0 if $top->head->mime_attr('content-disposition') =~ /attachment/i;

Please add similar code to function "SignCleanEntity" in the same file.

Viele Grüße

-- Heinz Knutzen

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