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Stijn Jonker SJCJonker at SJC.NL
Mon Nov 18 09:59:07 GMT 2002

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Hello all,

Here is my attempt at translating this file. I must admit it's harder then
it looks. But i think it is reasonable.

But if you are dutch also don't hesitate to check this, because i D0n,t
meka mistakeS. ;-)

P.S. If somebody knows an translation in dutch for timeout in the context
as mentioned in te file....

On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Julian Field wrote:

> I have moved all the output strings into a configuration file so they can
> be translated into different languages, so MailScanner hopefully doesn't
> output much to a user that has to be in English.
> I have attached the file, and would be grateful if people could translate
> it into other languages for me.
> Thanks folks!
> Jules.

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# This file contains all the word, phrases and sentences that are output
# to a user by MailScanner. They are all here so that you can translate
# them into your language.
# You should only edit what is on the right of each "=".
# If you set the "Language Strings" option in MailScanner.conf to be a
# ruleset (or even a function!) then you can output responses in different
# languages to different users and customers.

# Used in spam header
Blacklisted = blacklisted
Whitelisted = whitelisted
NotSpam = not spam
# used when creating VirusWarning.txt
TheEntireMessage = het gehele bericht
NotNamed = niet benoemd
# used for sysadmin notifications
NoticeSubject = Waarschuwing: E-mail virussen gedetecteerd
FullHeadersAre = De volledige headers zijn
# used for delivering truly disinfected attachments
Disinfected = Gedesinfecteerd
# used for virus report in unparsable messages
CantAnalyze = Kon het bericht niet analyseren
# used for virus report in unparsable TNEF messages
BadTNEF = Kon de Outlook Rich Text bijlage niet verwerken
# used for creating sysadmin notifications
NoticeHeading = De volgende e-mail berichten zijn gedetecteerd als besmet met een virus
# used when SpamAssassin has timed out too often
SADisabled = Uitgeschakeld vanwege %d opeenvolgende timeouts
# used when message size exceeds configured SpamAssassin max message size
SATooLarge = Bericht groter dan maximale grote voor spam test
# used when trying to use SpamAssassin on a bad message with no headers
SANoHeaders = Bericht bevatte geen headers
# used when creating SpamAssassin results header
score = score
required = vereist
SATimedOut = timed out
# used when creating reports for messages with dangerous content
PartialMessage = Gefragmenteerde berichten kunnen niet worden geanalyseerd en zijn daarom verwijderd
FoundIFrame = Gevaarlijke IFrame tag in HTML bericht gevonden
FoundObject = Gevaarlijke Object Codebase tag in HTML bericht gevonden
ExternalBody = Externe bericht inhoud kan niet worden gescaned en zijn daarom verwijderd
EudoraLongMIME = Eudora long-MIME-boundary aanval
# used when detecting denial-of-service attacks
DOSAttack = Denial of Service aanval in bericht!

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