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Fri Nov 15 20:26:28 GMT 2002

At 20:03 15/11/2002, you wrote:
>MailScanner is almost perfect in terms of internationalization but there
>are some hard coded strings in some modules.  I for one had to modify
>the following modules for French:
>and a fast scan seems to indicate that and
>also contain such strings.
>Could it be possible to implement an internationalization file that
>would contain localized versions of those messages?  Something in the
>lines of "localization.rules":
>Could not analyze = "Could not analyze message\n"
>Dangerous Codebase Object = "Found dangerous Object Codebase tag in HTML 
># Could not analyze = "Impossible d'analyser le courriel\n"
># Dangerous Codebase Object = "Une balise «Object Codebase» non 
>sécuritaire a été trouvée dans le message HTML\n"
>that would be loaded into variables and then used in your Perl modules?
>All you would have to do initially would be to extract your hard coded
>strings from your modules and put them in a file that you would have to
>parse and load on startup; your modules would then use the values loaded
>in the variables.  We would do the translations and send them back to
>you to be included in the MS package.
>That would greatly simplify upgrades!

Okay, that sounds like a good idea. Not sure whether to allow rulesets for 
the files or not yet. Will have a think about it this weekend and come up 
with something which will do the job, but not add more complexity than 

>Thanks again for all the time you spend supporting MS.

No problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
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