Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Fri Nov 15 20:03:53 GMT 2002


MailScanner is almost perfect in terms of internationalization but there
are some hard coded strings in some modules.  I for one had to modify
the following modules for French:

and a fast scan seems to indicate that and
also contain such strings.

Could it be possible to implement an internationalization file that
would contain localized versions of those messages?  Something in the
lines of "localization.rules":
Could not analyze = "Could not analyze message\n"
Dangerous Codebase Object = "Found dangerous Object Codebase tag in HTML message\n"
# Could not analyze = "Impossible d'analyser le courriel\n"
# Dangerous Codebase Object = "Une balise «Object Codebase» non sécuritaire a été trouvée dans le message HTML\n"

that would be loaded into variables and then used in your Perl modules? 

All you would have to do initially would be to extract your hard coded
strings from your modules and put them in a file that you would have to
parse and load on startup; your modules would then use the values loaded
in the variables.  We would do the translations and send them back to
you to be included in the MS package.

That would greatly simplify upgrades!

Thanks again for all the time you spend supporting MS.

Denis Beauchemin, analyste
Université de Sherbrooke, S.T.I.
T: 819.821.8000x2252 F: 819.821.8045

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