Forward to specified mailbox

Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Thu Nov 14 14:47:57 GMT 2002

On Thursday 14 November 2002 08:44 am, James Pifer wrote:
> Is it possible to forward a message marked as Spam to a specific
> mailbox? In the conf I see that you can forward a copy, but what if a
> company doesn't want to user to get a copy unless it is verified as real
> mail? (I know, legal implications, but the company can make that
> determination)
> Can MailScanner do that or would I need to use Procmail for that? If so,
> how do I make Procmail get called after all the MailScanner stuff?
It is already called. Just use the /etc/procmailrc file and specify the header
you used along with the value for spam characters you set up. I am no
procmail wizard but I am sure someone here already does that since the
feature wsa added for that purpose.
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