dealing with the quarantine

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Tue Nov 12 22:32:40 GMT 2002

I know this was touched on a while ago but I don't think I saw a definitive
answer, also now that that we can quarantine Spam as well.

2 things in the quarantine I notice the directories are in a date format
such as year/month/day is this our server or is it in the code somewhere
that I can tweak to be European date format i.e. year at the end.

next and most important thing which is probably more of a sendmail issue if
you have a Spam or a virus mail that a customer needs/wants (why I'm not
sure) how do you get it processed - I suppose you need to do it from
localhost and have a rule that won't block it or scan it from localhost but
how do you get sendmail to process that raw file?



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