Bad attachments not being removed in V4.05-3

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Nov 12 16:55:03 GMT 2002

At 16:37 12/11/2002, you wrote:
>We are currently using MailScanner V3.24-1 and have just tried out V4.05-3.
>We don't have a Virus scanner on our mail gateway, but do want to quarantine
>attachments specified in filename.rules.conf.
>In V3.24 this works, in V4.05-3 the bad attachments are not quarantined.
>We have "Virus Scanning = no" set in both versions.
>What's changed?

Pretty much everything :-)
I re-wrote it from scratch.

You won't get far trying to use a mailscanner.conf from version 3 on version 4.
I suggest you go through the version 4 conf file carefully.
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