IFrame tags

Roland Ehle novirus at CARLO65.DE
Tue Nov 12 14:02:10 GMT 2002


Am Die, 2002-11-12 um 14.47 schrieb Rose, Bobby:
> Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the problem is that
> IFRAME can be used to reference a URL to remote system and doesn't need
> to contain a executabled code.  The IFRAME can cause the email client to
> download and execute the code from that remote system so a vvirus
> scanner on a mail gateway is ineffective because the message doesn't
> include the code.

exactly this is the problem. The infected code will not found, during
the download with the MUA, only in a full system scan. I decided not to
allow IFrame and my customers are happy with it, You just need a good
explanation for the reason.


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