white/black list question...

Steve Rusin srusin at ICONTECH.COM
Mon Nov 11 21:08:49 GMT 2002

Does the latest version of MailScanner allow me to scan or not scan mail
not only from a specific user, but to a specific user?  I want to implement
a "This mail is/is not spam" option, and I'd like to do something like this
in the white list file:

toandfrom: myemail at mydomain.com not_a_spammer at other_domain.com yes

so that any mail coming to myemail at mydomain from
not_a_spammer at other_domain.com will not be scanned, however if the mail was
coming from not_a_spammer at other_domain.com to another_email at mydomain.com,
it would be scanned.

My apologies if this has already been covered, I searched the archives to
no avail.


Stephen Rusin
srusin at icontech.com
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