how to install vipul's razor

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Mon Nov 11 20:55:17 GMT 2002

Just download the razor-agents tarball from and install it as
per the directions in the INSTALL file. Done.

The perl modules needed by razor can be installed from CPAN like the
documentation says, but they leave out that the command to get into cpan is:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

you can then do:
install Net::Ping
install Net::DNS

etc. (the full list is in the INSTALL file).

SpamAssassin will automatically use razor if it's installed, just like they
say. No additional configuration is necessary, although if you want to
tweak your razor settings you'll have to edit the razor-agent.conf file,
but it's not really necessary. If you want to test if SpamAssassin is using
razor run:

spamassassin -tD <sample-spam.txt

you should see lots of razor debug when you do that.

note that sample-spam.txt is part of the SpamAssassin tarball and is just a
sample spam email. You can use any valid email (ie: proper headers and a
blank line before the body just like all RFC compliant emails do in their
"raw" format).

At 11:55 AM 11/11/2002 -0800, Mary Ross Lynch wrote:
>I am running the latest versions of MailScanner/Sophos/Spamassassin on
>RedHat 7.0 with
>sendmail to scan email messages as they pass the mail gateway. Everything
>working great.
>However, I would like to add Vipul's Razor to the mix. And wonder what I
>should install
>to do this. I have looked around the various sites, but can't quite figure
>out what
>should be installed...
>I did find this quote on a spamassassin site:
>"Spamassassin will detect whether Razor is available and, by default, use
>it if so."
>Would appreciate any help,
>Mary R. Lynch
>Systems Administrator
>General Steamship Corp.

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