how to install vipul's razor

Mary Ross Lynch mrl at GENSTEAM.COM
Mon Nov 11 19:55:18 GMT 2002

I am running the latest versions of MailScanner/Sophos/Spamassassin on RedHat 7.0 with
sendmail to scan email messages as they pass the mail gateway. Everything working great.

However, I would like to add Vipul's Razor to the mix. And wonder what I should install
to do this. I have looked around the various sites, but can't quite figure out what
should be installed...

I did find this quote on a spamassassin site:

"Spamassassin will detect whether Razor is available and, by default, use it if so."

Would appreciate any help,


Mary R. Lynch
Systems Administrator
General Steamship Corp.

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