Virus-carrying spam

Lush, Richard Richard.Lush at HP.COM
Mon Nov 11 14:55:59 GMT 2002

I don't agree that they are the same issue.  Viruses are staring to use
spam techniques but they are still separate issues. A spam messages
won't delete files but a virus will.  That account that is receiving a
klez it is not receiving spam, it is receiving a virus.

Just my two pence worth.


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From: Bruno [mailto:x.mailscanner.mail at MELLONI.COM] 
Sent: 11 November 2002 14:10
Subject: Virus-carrying spam

In case nobody noticed yet, I'd like to bring to your attention that
spam and viruses are no longer separate issues.  One of my accounts has
been consistently receiving spam that carries the Klez virus for the
last week.

Mailscanner seems to stop it fine, but it is a disturbing new
development and I thought it should be mentioned.

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