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Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Nov 11 11:40:24 GMT 2002

At 10:52 11/11/2002, you wrote:
>Server config:
>2x 1,4 GHz
>1256 Mb
>2x 18G scsi/raid1
>RH 8.0
>The servers will also work as DNS and DNS-cashing servers
>Since I really dont have a clue how MS/SA works regarding language
>is there any point installing support for other language ie. swedish
>then english?

MS/SA won't make much use of other languages. You can set the character
encoding you want to use (probably ISO-8859-15 in your case) in
MailScanner.conf, and then just translate the reports into Swedish. (Please
can you send me the translation results if you do this so I can add them to
the distribution!)

>What is the most bussy dir for mailscanner so I can put that in the
>beginning of hardrive(mqueue/ or the /urs/lib/MailScanner)?

Doesn't make any difference these days as the "cylinder/head/sector"
address is totally artificial now as they are translated from the real
position on the disks.

>Thinking of making separate partitions for mqueue in case I need
>to reinstall?

I would advise putting /var/spool into a partition on its own. That way are on the same partition, and sendmail will handle
gracefully odd things happening like your quarantine filling up.

You might want to put /var/log on its own too, so rampant logs don't knock
your server out.

>Anything else i should consider or should not do?
>Kind regards

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