MS v3->v4 issue/observation

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Fri Nov 8 19:41:33 GMT 2002

At 18:39 08/11/2002, you wrote:
>Earlier this afternnon, I changed our main site relay (Solaris 8) from MS
>3.25-1 to 4.06-1 (i.e. from 3 to 4).  [For the curious: 4.06-1 is a
>version Julian had given me to test the "iframe-conversion" option.]
>Neither our 3.x nor 4.x has used SpamAssassin.
>Under 3.x, our log files used to get entries of the form:
>    Message [...] is spam according to ORDB-RBL
>and these were later detected via our "" to extract the
>daily spam-count.
>But these entries no longer appear with 4.x.  Which means our daily spam
>count (derived from "") will apparently reduce to zero.
>But I'm reasonably sure SPAM is being detected because I see:
>    RBL checks: [...] found in ORDB-RBL
>Looking deeper, I see that the code (which seems to have migrated from 3.x
>"bin/" to 4.x "bin/MailScanner/") has changed its

That's because V4 is a complete re-write from the ground up. The only bits
of code that stayed were the virus scanner parsers.

>With 4.x, if the config file says "Use SpamAssassin = no", the code in
>"bin/MailScanner/" seems to return (line ~315), so it never gets
>never the code that produces the "according to"  message (line ~390).
>1. Is this observation correct (or have I somehow mis-configured)?


>2. Is this change in behaviour (version 3 -> 4)intentional or accidental?


>3. Where do we go from here?  (My config problem, or Julian's coding
>    problem?)

I'll mail you a new to try.
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