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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Fri Nov 8 15:52:14 GMT 2002

Here's the best places I know of to get spam without soliciting it, these
are places that spammers tend to "troll" for addresses:

1) usenet. make a few (legitimate please) posts to usenet groups with an
unobscured address.
2) whois. Make sure you've got an email address in your whois database
entries of your domain registration.
3) postmaster/webmaster. Many spammers just add these on. Some add on
"mail@" as well since this is the default user that sendmail runs as on
most linux boxes.
4) website. Put a mailto link on your website. Also create a geocities or
other popular "free website" service with a mailto link.
5) mailing lists with public web archives.
6) as soon as you get a "millions of emails CD" or "millions of fax numbers
on CD" message, be sure to unsubscribe. As far as I can tell those guys in
particular never honor such removes and this will promote your status to
being a "verified" address. Most spammer's don't honor removes, but these
guys are in the business of selling lists, and the bigger the better.

If you want to get more commercial/porn junk mail, even if it means you'll
get some mail you did legitimately "opt-in" for (along with some you may
not have):

1) go to some porn sites and many of them have "enter your email address
for access" type deals. Eventually you'll hit one that also submits their
database to a "millions of emails CD" database.

2) become a registered user at
Their privacy policy state that they don't sell all the email addresses
they get, but that they DO sell the emails and mailing addresses of the
users that do fully register.

At 03:17 PM 11/8/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Ok this is an odd one - I want to test the Spam capabilities harder now
>presently we forward Spam that arrives with us but that only checks content
>with spamassasin and not really checking any RBL etc as it looks as though
>it comes from me not the spammer.
>So the question - I am going to setup a domain especially for this and then
>I want to register (if you can call it that) for as much Spam and porn
>rubbish as I can.  Does anyone know any sure fire places to put your email
>address that will result in being spammed?
>I am fairly broad minded but please nothing illegal.

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