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At 10:03 07/11/2002, you wrote:
>Since someone told me that if you install both software on same machine,
>you should change the port of sendmail.
>Do I change any configure in sophos's config(mmsmtp.cfg) file?
>Should I start the sophos daemon(mmsmtpd) and mailscanner daemon or
>instead of start mailscanner daemon only?

There is no point running the Sophos MailMonitor email gateway package as
well as MailScanner on the same system. MailScanner does not use Sophos'
MailMonitor at all, it uses their "sweep" command-line utility. If you want
to use MailScanner, then uninstall MailMonitor completely.

>Fong Cheang
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>I've used this combination for 1 year now on 4 machines. Why are you
>changing sendmail port? Mailscanner starts two instances of sendmail - one
>in queued delivery mode accepting incoming connections and one just
>flushing out the queue. There is no need to change. If you are attaching
>port 25 to Sophos, then I guess you are using their mail gateway and not
>mailscanner. MailScanner user the sweep commandline program and is a
>replacement for the Sophos Mail Gateway. Relaying in sendmail is
>controlled thro' /etc/mail/access file which has entries that look like
>IP/domainname/email id  OK/RELAY?REJECT
>192.168.0    RELAY will relay for your local Class C subnet assuming it is
>192.168.0 subnet.
>Restart MailScanner after this. sendmail start up converts this file to a
>access.db file. Also take care that sendmail MTA listen to your actual IP
>and not
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>Subject: Relay by other network
>Did anyone configure mailscanner+sendmail+sophos?
>After I installed mailscanner and sophos on the same pc, I make the
>following configuration:
>Sendmail port no: 8888
>Sophos port no: 25 (redirect to sendmail after scanned)
>So that all mail will be scanned before send to sendmail. It also make
>relay by other network.
>How can I control the relay domain? Is it the problem of sophos, sendmail
>or mailscanner?
>I hope you understand my bad english.
>Appreciate for any help....
>Fong Cheang

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