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Thanks Mohan

Since someone told me that if you install both software on same machine, you should change the port of sendmail.

Do I change any configure in sophos's config(mmsmtp.cfg) file?
Should I start the sophos daemon(mmsmtpd) and mailscanner daemon or instead of start mailscanner daemon only?

Fong Cheang
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  I've used this combination for 1 year now on 4 machines. Why are you changing sendmail port? Mailscanner starts two instances of sendmail - one in queued delivery mode accepting incoming connections and one just flushing out the queue. There is no need to change. If you are attaching port 25 to Sophos, then I guess you are using their mail gateway and not mailscanner. MailScanner user the sweep commandline program and is a replacement for the Sophos Mail Gateway. Relaying in sendmail is controlled thro' /etc/mail/access file which has entries that look like

  IP/domainname/email id  OK/RELAY?REJECT

  192.168.0    RELAY will relay for your local Class C subnet assuming it is 192.168.0 subnet.

  Restart MailScanner after this. sendmail start up converts this file to a access.db file. Also take care that sendmail MTA listen to your actual IP and not

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    Did anyone configure mailscanner+sendmail+sophos?

    After I installed mailscanner and sophos on the same pc, I make the following configuration:

    Sendmail port no: 8888
    Sophos port no: 25 (redirect to sendmail after scanned)

    So that all mail will be scanned before send to sendmail. It also make relay by other network.

    How can I control the relay domain? Is it the problem of sophos, sendmail or mailscanner?

    I hope you understand my bad english.

    Appreciate for any help....

    Fong Cheang

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