Clam AV - Beware

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Wed Nov 6 09:34:13 GMT 2002

I know its currently unsupported in code status by mailscanner and this
doesn't technically alter that but beware if you are planning to use it on a
production box with no other scanners.

My findings so far with regard to virus detecting is poor we have pushed
several real virii through it and it hasn't detected them when f-prot,sophos
and kaspersky all have and I'm not talking new ones here one of the ones we
are playing with is Melissa which is 2 years old.  We have up to date virus
definitions for Clamav and it is working as it detects its own test file but
not some of the others that I would expect it to.



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