Creating mail copies for backup

Brett Geer brett at BRABYS.CO.ZA
Tue Nov 5 06:28:26 GMT 2002

procmail can do it as mentioned by others, MailScanner is quite happy to
copy in the qf and df files, only issue with this idea is on a busy mail
server you get directories with thousands and thousands of files in
there real fast.

My solution there was to shove the files at a database, I can ship you a
copy of my scripts and schema's if you like


> I don't know who I could ask. Probably you could help me...
> I'm using sendmail 8.12.6-6 on Debian 3.0 and want to create a copy
> of every email delivered to the user mailboxes under /var/mail/.
> This copy shall be saved in user mailboxes under /var/backup/mail/.
> How can I tell sendmail to write it's mails to two directories?

This is UNIX country, on a quiet night you can hear Windows reboot

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