Creating mail copies for backup

S Mohan smohan at
Tue Nov 5 02:10:39 GMT 2002

Use .procmailrc in etc which is systemwide. Let the rule be as under

:0 c

Will copy all mails to a file. You can get the header values and based
on that copy it to different files. Another alternative is to have a
.procmailrc in each user's home directory. Then file name can be
hardcoded for each user.


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maybe procmail can help, there is no major problem to install and

Hope this helps.


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> Hello,
> Am Montag, 4. November 2002 15:40 schrieb Julian Field:
> > At 14:25 04/11/2002, you wrote:
> > >Hello,
> > >
> > >I don't know who I could ask. Probably you could help me... I'm
> > >using sendmail 8.12.6-6 on Debian 3.0 and want to create a  copy of

> > >every email delivered to the user mailboxes under  /var/mail/. This

> > >copy shall be saved in user mailboxes under  /var/backup/mail/.
> > >
> > >How can I tell sendmail to write it's mails to two directories?
> >
> > That's tricky in sendmail (I may be wrong, quite a few people on
> > this list know more about sendmail than I do!).
> >
> > However, MailScanner 4 will do it for you. The "Archive Mail"
> > feature can save mail messages to a directory or even to another
> > email address, without the recipient noticing anything is happening.
> I can't use version 4 at the moment (political reason). I've got the
> mailscanner 3.13.2-4 from debian stable. Probably someone else can
> help me with telling sendmail to do the backup?
> Best regards,
> Marc

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