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Andrew G Allen mail at
Mon Nov 4 18:42:42 GMT 2002

I am still trying to get MailScanner fully working with Ensim WEBppliance
- the only part that is not working is a piece of custom ensim code that
is normally called from the sendmail startup script. The two lines are:

        export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/
        export ENSIMVWH_BWSVCID=1

If I add these to the MailScanner startup script, MailScanner will accept
mail, but will not deliver it to any chrooted site. I also get file not
found errors thrown to the console. It seems to me then, to be something
that must be passed from the sendmail config for this module to work,
which is not passed by MailScanner - it is supposed to track the size of
each mail passed through sendmail, so a monthly 'bandwidth allowance' can
be applied to each virtual site within Ensim. I don't really know where to
go next, and wondered if anybody who knows sendmail in more detail might
have any ideas where to look?

Does MailScanner refer to all the same sendmail config files that sendmail
would if it was called using its own startup script?

Andrew G Allen
email: mail at | voice: +44 (0) 7958 540596

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