Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Fri Nov 1 18:56:29 GMT 2002

The SpamAssassin user configuration over-rides the default scores present

The "for pay" DNSbl's have default score values of 0, but if you re-define
them as nonzero it turns them on. The zero-point score is explicitly
specified in SpamAssassin's

All rules with a score of zero are disabled and do not run. Any rule with a
nonzero score, no matter how small, runs. Hence that score disables these
blacklists by default, unless later over-ridden by a user or site
preferences file.

Since lists like OSIRUSOFT are free to use without paying, SpamAssassin has
nonzero default scores for those rules. You can over-ride those scores to
be zero (effectively disabling the list) or to reduce or increase the score
vs the default one.

So by default you do NOT need to specify a score for the default set of
free DNSBL's to be used by SpamAssassin. You do need Net::DNS installed in
your version of Perl however.

At 12:28 PM 11/1/2002 -0600, Lewis Bergman wrote:
>So my question is do I need to go through and explicitely add a score for each
>one to make it take affect? It seems that the rest of the rules don't need
>this so I am a little confused(again).

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