Mail Relay to Lotus

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Nov 1 17:05:36 GMT 2002

You should be able to use the same DNS/sendmail setup you used before.
MailScanner does not get involved in the delivery process in any way

Set sendmail+dns so it is doing the forwarding you want to happen, then
just drop in MailScanner.

At 15:31 01/11/2002, you wrote:
>Here's my problem, mail comes into the company via a web-proxy running on
>the firewall, that will be proxy'ing to the "mailscanner" machine.  Call
>it mail-gw.  My wish is it to scan the email and pass it on to the domino
>server.  We run internal and external dns for this hostname, so how i had
>invisioned it is this.
>externally mx is ip of the firewall with the proxy
>internally mx is the ip of the domino server (5) and mail-gw (10)
>The problem is this, using that setup, any internal systems that require
>to email internally will try hitting the domino server.  Perfect you
>think, wrong! the domino server (which isn't mine to administer) is setup
>to only accept connections from the mail-gw ip.
>Basically i'm trying to get rid of the mcafee scanner that currently sits
>on a winbox and replace it, but i'm finding it difficult telling
>mailscanner to scan and forward without relying on DNS.  I suppose i could
>run a seperate dns server on the mailgw and mx is only the domino server,
>but i think that would be tremendous pain in the ass to have two
>independent dns servers.
>Any ideas.. at my old workplace i used amavis and just set DH in sendmail
>config file to the destination for all mail.  Trying this with MailScanner
>basically got ignored ;)

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