change to SA syslog output?

Julian Field jkf at
Wed May 29 14:06:43 IST 2002

At 13:30 29/05/2002, you wrote:
>    Can the syslogging lines for SpamAssassin in be modified to
>show the relay and supposed domain of the spammer?  Can the lines in
>    Log::InfoLog("Message $id is spam according to " . $ReportText);
>be changed to something like:
>    Log::InfoLog("Message $id from $relay ($fromdomain) is spam according
> to " . $ReportText);
>I tried this modification myself.  No problems modifying DeliverIds(),
>but the same mod to MoveToOutgoingQueue() gave compile errors at startup,
>even though I added lines similar to those in DeliverIds() to recover $relay
>and $fromdomain.  Complete (nonworking) "diff -c" file attached.
>This change would make it really easy to grep one's syslog file and figure
>out what relays and/or domains are spamming you.

You needed another parameter on MoveToOutgoingQueue() so it gets all the
SMTP client info about the messages. All done and will be in the next release.

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