Problems with Mailscanner and Ensim Webbpliance

Freerk Kalsbeek freerk at MINDSWITCH.NET
Mon May 27 16:08:40 IST 2002


Just curious, I'm trying to get Mailscanner running on a ensim box as well.
How did you manage to get it running the first place.


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> Shiva Shiva
> Verzonden: zondag 26 mei 2002 15:53
> Onderwerp: Problems with Mailscanner and Ensim Webbpliance
> Hi, i'm getting mad configuring mailscanner with Ensim Webbpliance...i've
> installed it on my Ensim box...ok...edited the sendmail start
> script...ok...incoming mail get scanned and delivered to final
> user ok...but
> when a user send a mail through the SMTP server (the same
> sendmail daemon) use
> the SMTP AUTH theese mail aren't scanned and get stucked in the
> Virtual File
> System root (Ex /home/virtual/siteX/fst), i've tried many
> things...finally my
> idea is that there's a bug in a rewrite rules in the Ensim
> this error happens when a user send a mail with SMTP
> AUTH, and sendmail is configured with a Deferred Delivery Mode
> (necessary for
> mailscanner) so I think that if the mail address pass through theese two
> ruleset there's a bug that modify the original address and make
> it in a wrong
> form for the Ruleset 0, anyone has a suggestion about avoid that?
> I'm not a
> sendmail guru, and i can't rewrite a ruleset...but if you help me to
> understand what and where is the exact problem We can work on it
> and finally
> get this program working!
> P.S There's a sendmail parameter or similar in order to get the
> same verbose
> output in the maillog such a sendmail -bt so i can view all the
> ruleset that a
> mail go through and finally the returned address.
> Sorry for my English, i hope that you can understand what i wrote...Many
> Thanks!
> Regards.

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