Problems with Mailscanner and Ensim Webbpliance

Shiva Shiva shiva at WEBCODING.IT
Sun May 26 14:53:06 IST 2002

Hi, i'm getting mad configuring mailscanner with Ensim Webbpliance...i've
installed it on my Ensim box...ok...edited the sendmail start
script...ok...incoming mail get scanned and delivered to final user ok...but
when a user send a mail through the SMTP server (the same sendmail daemon) use
the SMTP AUTH theese mail aren't scanned and get stucked in the Virtual File
System root (Ex /home/virtual/siteX/fst), i've tried many things...finally my
idea is that there's a bug in a rewrite rules in the Ensim this error happens when a user send a mail with SMTP
AUTH, and sendmail is configured with a Deferred Delivery Mode (necessary for
mailscanner) so I think that if the mail address pass through theese two
ruleset there's a bug that modify the original address and make it in a wrong
form for the Ruleset 0, anyone has a suggestion about avoid that? I'm not a
sendmail guru, and i can't rewrite a ruleset...but if you help me to
understand what and where is the exact problem We can work on it and finally
get this program working!

P.S There's a sendmail parameter or similar in order to get the same verbose
output in the maillog such a sendmail -bt so i can view all the ruleset that a
mail go through and finally the returned address.

Sorry for my English, i hope that you can understand what i wrote...Many


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