raqfaq error in RAQ4 instructions

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun May 26 16:20:38 IST 2002

At 15:36 26/05/2002, you wrote:
>1/ What's the error in the raqfaq?

It's where they refer to /var/spool/mqueue/q(x). If prefer to flatten it
back to the standard /var/spool/mqueue directory with no subdirectories.

>2/ Is there a good reason to use this approach rather than choosing one of the
>existing queues as Mailscanner's output queue?

It's just more "normal". Having split queue subdirectories and only using 1
of them, seems a bit unusual to me.

>   If for some strange reason the user
>uninstalled Mailscanner, they'd have a lot more work getting back to the
>sendmail install.

They would just have to tweak the 1 line in sendmail.cf.

But it's up to you which you go for. I think you need to be a bit more
explicit about the config lines you advise people to change. "q(x)" isn't
as obvious as just saying "q1" for example.
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