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Fri May 24 15:17:59 IST 2002

At 15:04 24/05/2002, you wrote:
>I have been testing and it seems to have been working for about an
>hour.  The problem came from the "-t" switch given to procmail under the
>Mlocal section.  I found this same question in your maillist archives
>where several people running redhat were seeing this.  (note: when
>switching to amavis I didn't use procmail for Mlocal instead I used the
>amavis script for Mlocal).  This may be something worth putting into the
>faq for people as it appears redhat sets the default Mlocal procmail to
>try and re-deliver the mail(by using a "fail softly" switch of procmail)
>in hopes that the user will get under their quota and the mail can be

Thanks for the info. I'll send this message to the list to get it in the
list archives.

> > > > At 04:12 24/05/2002, you wrote:
> > > > >Hello,
> > > > >I have recently decided to switch from amavis to mailscanner and after
> > > > >installing I started getting lots of mail queued up that was destined
> > > > >for users who are over their quota.  I searched the faq(nothing their)
> > > > >and the mailing list where I found a couple of messages asking about
> > > > >this problem but no answers.  I let the queue slowly climb to 4000
> > > > >messages(3900 of which probably should have been bounced) and
> decided to
> > > > >switch back to amavis while I try to debug what is wrong with the
> > > > >current setup.  If you have any thought/suggestions I would greatly
> > > > >appreciate them.

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