Logger.pl in 3.15

Rabellino Sergio rabellino at DI.UNITO.IT
Fri May 24 10:00:43 IST 2002

Dear list,
 i've updated mailscanner to the latest release, but launching it I obtain the follow error

"Your vendor has not defined the Sys::Syslog macro _PATH_LOG at /opt/perl/lib/5.6.0/sun4-solaris/Sys/Syslog.pm line 277."

So i've erased in logger.pl the eval line in the start sub
>  # Do this in an eval so it can fail quietly if setlogsock
>  # is not supported in the installed version of Sys::Syslog
>  eval { Sys::Syslog::setlogsock('unix'); }; # Doesn't need syslogd -r

And mailscanner is doing it's work fine as usual. Any hints about it ?

Ps. For SpamAssassin, i've done a minor change, so I can store the SpamAssassin prefs under the mailscanner etc directory. I believe it's a
better choice than using the .spamassassin directory in the homedir of the mailscanner user ...

> $Config::SpamAssassinPrefsFile      = "$prefix/etc/SpamAssassin.prefs";
>     $Config::SpamAssassinPrefsFile = $value if $key =~ /^spamassassinprefsfile/i;

<     $SAspamtest = new Mail::SpamAssassin();
>      #$SAspamtest = new Mail::SpamAssassin();
>     $SAspamtest = new Mail::SpamAssassin({
>     'userprefs_filename' => $Config::SpamAssassinPrefsFile,
>     'dont_copy_prefs' => 0
>   });

and then add these lines to mailscanner.conf

# Where SpamAssassin can find the preferences file
SpamAssassin prefs file = /opt/mailscanner/etc/SpamAssassin.prefs

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