interested in Postfix support?

Fredrik Thulin ft at IT.SU.SE
Wed May 22 12:42:29 IST 2002

On Wednesday 22 May 2002 13.13, Hamish Marson wrote:
> I'm interested, but since there is a content_filter interface & Wietse is
> really anti anyone screwing with the queue files, shouldn't it be
> implemented as a postfix content_filter instead?

This is true. Screwing with the queue files (I only read them, I deliver
scanned mail via SMTP to a second postfix instance so there is at least less
chance of really screwing them) is done at your own risk. Meaning: don't
whine at Wietse when it doesn't work ;)

However, content_filter means one exec() per mail. Not feasible when you are
exec:ing Perl IMO. We are planning on using this on a mail-system currently
delivering 1-2 GB of mail every day. Probably 2/3 of these during business

An alternative would of course be to have MailScanner running as a daemon and
exec:ing a small C client that contacts the daemon... still feels a bit
expensive though.


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