interested in Postfix support?

Fredrik Thulin ft at IT.SU.SE
Wed May 22 11:50:01 IST 2002

I have been working on Postfix support for MailScanner. I sent the first
version I beleive was basically working to Julian Field 2002-04-24 but it has
not been merged into MailScanner yet.

Since then, I have made lots of other changes. I have gotten rid of all the
passing around of hash variables and instead have a MailScannerMessageObject
created for each message found in the queue.

Queue scanning is done recursively, so it is possible to have multiple queues
with my version. In my opinion, the code is much more readable and although
I'm sure not everything works correctly (we have not started using it in a
real mail environment yet) yet I beleive it is much easier to add things to
this version.

Since I apparently have made too many changes for Julian to merge my patches
into MailScanner I am thinking of forking off a "branch" to get more people
involved in the development until Julian beleives the code is of such quality
that it can be put into the official MailScanner he maintains and distributes
(ie. putting up a CVS repository and a mailing list).

Is there any interest in this? Reply to the list or to me privately - whatever
you feel is most appropriate.

Fredrik Thulin, Stockholm University

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