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Julian Field jkf at
Tue May 21 23:56:14 IST 2002

At 23:31 21/05/2002, you wrote:
>Richard at Quarryhouse wrote:
> >
> > On attempting to install Mailscanner on my Cobalt RaQ4R, all seemed to go
> > OK until I got to start MailScanner. I then got the following error:
> >
> > [root etc]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/mailscanner start
> > Starting MailScanner: makemap: /etc/mail/virtusertable: line 1085: key
> > metalawca at duplicate key
> > /var/spool/ and /var/spool/mqueue must be on the same
> > filesystem/partition! at /usr/local/MailScanner/bin/ line 60.
> >
> > Richard
>The second warning indicates that you don't have all the symbolic links
>/var/spool and /home/spool set up correctly.  See the RaQFaQ mentioned
>above.  You probably created /var/spool/ rather than creating
>/home/spool/ and symbolically linking /var/spool/ to it.

This is necessary due to the fact that Sun set up their partitions somewhat
less than optimally (to be kind). They didn't have enough space in the root
partition for all the stuff they needed in /var, and didn't make a separate
partition for /var, only /home. So various things (include the sendmail
queues) were put in /home/spool with soft-links from /var/spool.
MailScanner insists on the and mqueue directories being on the
same filesystem, so you have to soft-link neither or both, but not just 1
of them.

I don't know quite how to detect that I'm running on an unfixed Raq system
when I install, I don't want to just test for whether /var/spool/mqueue is
a link, something rather more robust than that. If I could, I would detect
the system and set up the correct link for automatically.

Any Raq users out there got any brilliany ideas on this one?
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