mailscanner 3.15-3 proc dies without error/warning - tied to mailman? - POSSIBLE SOLUTION

Ryan Dlugosz ryan at DLUGOSZ.NET
Tue May 21 18:13:07 IST 2002

Well, I remembered one thing that I had changed yesterday when playing
with the configuration... In the advanced section of mailscanner.conf, I
changed the variable "Multiple Headers" from "append" to "replace"...
Seeing as to how the listserv email is what's causing the breakdown & that
it's primarily the only mail that'll pass through twice (and therefore
have multiple headers) it seems possible that this has something to do
with it.  Maybe I just stumbled across a weird bug.  Now that I've
switched it back to "append" I don't immediately have any trouble with
Mailman listserv messages.  I'll be watching the system closely,
however... I'll keep you posted if anything changes.
Julian, if you want me to do any testing of this for you just let me know
and I'll do what I can!  Thanks for your help!

Ryan Dlugosz
ryan at

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