mailscanner 3.15-3 proc dies without error/warning - tied to mailman?

Mike Wallis mike at UNIXSECURITY.ORG
Tue May 21 17:20:32 IST 2002

Ryan Dlugosz wrote:

>Thanks for the quick reply.  Here's some more info for you.  I am running
>Perl v5.6.1 - I have verified that I've switched debugging back off and I
>was able to immediately recreate my problem.  I started mailscanner
>directly from a console by running the script & I manually started the two
>sendmail procs.

Just a quick note to let Julian, et al. know that I've been unable to
reproduce this issue.

We appear to be running a similar setup - RH 7.2 (fully updated),
Sendmail 8.11.6, Perl 5.6.1, Mailscanner 3.15-3, SpamAssassin 2.01, and
Mailman 2.0.8. (Although, I don't recall seeing which version of Mailman
you're running.)

I suppose I could upgrade Mailman to 2.0.9 and see if it starts breaking.

Mike Wallis
mw at

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