Spam not being flagged

Mike Wallis mike at UNIXSECURITY.ORG
Tue May 21 17:09:37 IST 2002

Julian Field wrote:

> That's because you are in the "Accept Spam From" section or in the
> spam.whitelist.conf file. And you have "Always Include SpamAssassin
> Header"
> switched on. So by your configuration, you have requested that you always
> get the report, but actually ignore its contents.

Actually, I'm not in the whitelist, but upon further pondering, I
realized I had forgotten that I use ssh to port forward my SMTP traffic
directly to the mail server, so it all looks like it originates from
that IP, which is in the "Accept Spam From" section.

Now I just need to wait for some more Spam to arrive so I can test out
the new directive to always include the SpamAssassin header and see if
it's work keeping turned on.

Mike Wallis
mw at

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